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HQ.pngThe HQ Series Electric Quarter Turn Actuators are an extension of EIMís world famous 2000 Series M2CP & TEC2000 Actuators. This new range offers a light weight, compact unit suitable for butterfly, ball and plug valves including damper control. Torque capacities range from 40 ft-lb to 2,170 ft-lb (6 kg-m to 3000 kg-m) Models are available for 1 & 3 Phase Service and also 24VDC and 24VAC.
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Standard Features††† Specifications

  • Conforms to AWWA C542 Requirements.
  • Standard construction is rated NEMA 4 and 6, IP67, with optional NEMA 7 and IP68 temporary submergence.
  • All units (except HQ-006) are double reduction worm gear drives, which provide inherent self-locking characteristics. Motor brakes are not required.
  • Main housing electrical enclosure is a spigot fit (slight taper) for easy removal and equipped with captive bolts.
  • Declutchable handwheel feature which can be padlocked to avoid unauthorized operation.
  • (4) limit switches and open/close torque switches. (Torque switches not available on HQ-006 & 008)
  • Removable Drive Bushing for ease of machining (except HQ-006).
  • Advanced Local Control Stations.
  • 3 phase available with digital position indication and separate terminal chamber.
  • 4-20ma proportional control (modulating) option.

Introducing the TEC 2000 Actuator † (Download a Brochure)††† (Specifications)

tec2000.jpgItís already proven.† To start with, we didnít reinvent the wheel. Instead of devising a completely new actuator, we simply equipped our well-established Series 2000 actuator with all the features needed to offer Total Electronic Control (TEC) in a true non-intrusive package.

This means that with the TEC2000, you get the latest standards of control and performance ... coupled with solid power transmission technology that has a 30-year history of reliability in thousands of installations worldwide. (In fact, 60% of actuator parts are fully interchangeable across EIMís entire quarter-turn & multi-turn product range!)

That Series 2000 heritage ensures that the new TEC2000 is one electronic actuator thatís built for hard work and easy maintenance. Quarter-turn and multi-turn control in one truly non-intrusive actuator.

The TEC2000 series can handle both quarter-turn and multi-turn applications across an extremely broad torque rangeóusing either three-phase or single-phase power. While some manufacturers claim to offer non-intrusive actuators, take a closer look at their products. Youíll tec2000d.pngdiscover electric control compartments that have to be opened to replace fuses Ö which defeats the purpose of non-intrusiveness, and can even void some manufacturersí warranties.

EIMís TEC2000 is truly non-intrusive; its separate, dual-sealed terminal chamber houses the unitís primary fuses, so the control compartment doesnít need to be opened for setup or for tec2000c.pngroutine maintenance and operation. Local control knobs donít penetrate the housing. Exclusive Tri-Set feature provides three setup choices.

TEC2000 gives you the freedom to choose from any of three configuration methods:

  1. Control knobs on the LDM (Local Display Module), and on the optional RDM (Remote Display Module), which can be mounted up to 4,000 feet (1.2 km) away!
  2. PCs and PDAs via RS-485, or IrDA port; or
  3. EIMís exclusive key chain-sized Clicker remote. The Clicker, an IrDA controller, has four buttons that correspond to Yes, No, Back, and Next functions of the local control knobs. Using just this compact tool, you can complete the entire actuator configuration process.
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