Our Commitment to Quality

Statement of Quality Policy

Caltrol, Inc. exists to care about our customers, solving challenges and creating their business success. This is achieved through commitment to our customers, so they receive a predictable, positive result from every interaction with Caltrol’s staff of dedicated professionals.

Our customers should expect the highest levels of performance from Caltrol listed below:

•Responsiveness to their inquiries and customer service needs
•Support in selecting effective solutions
•Professional service from trained personnel
•Accuracy in delivering products and services, on-time and per specification
•Prompt resolution of all discrepancies

Caltrol’s quality policy and improvement objectives are regularly reviewed and evaluated for effectiveness and needed change through our management review process. Furthermore, our processes and the results of our actions will be subject to continuous monitoring and review to ensure that the company maintains its commitment to quality assurance and customer confidence.

View our ISO certification certificate here: ISO Certificate