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Service Capabilities

  • Turning up to 18 ft. Dia.
  • Grinding ID to 60" Dia.
  • Grinding OD to 10 ft. Dia.
  • Milling up to 18 ft. Dia.
  • Full PT and NDE Services
  • Full Welding Services
  • Electric Actuator Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • Failure Analysis

Learn More

  • Document "as received" condition including photographs
  • Manually cycle for function test
  • Completely remove electric motor operator
  • Completely remove Wedgetorque actuator
  • Completely disassemble valve
  • Completely disassemble Wedgetorque actuator
  • Service the Electric Actuator
    • Inspect electric motor
      Inspect all gearing
      Inspect all electronics
      Add new lubricant
      Replace all gaskets and seals
  • Sandblast (white metal) Body, Bonnet, Plug
  • Clean & Inspect all parts, document
  • PT Body Seats, Plug, document
  • Blue check Body seats to Plug fit, document
  • Grind (skim) Body seats & Plug to fit
  • Polish Packing Bore in Bonnet
  • Machine or polish Gasket landing areas
  • Machine or clean Flange Faces
  • Replace Valve Stem
  • Replace gaskets, seals, and packing
  • Reassemble valve
  • Reassemble, grease Wedgetorque actuator, set Plug lift height
  • Install Wedgetorque actuator
  • Install electric motor operator
  • Manually cycle
  • Set limits/calibrate
  • Perform low air pressure (80 – 120 PSI) Seat Leak Test
  • Paint valve
  • Complete repair report, document "as shipped" condition including photographs
  • Install valve end covers to protect flanges or buttweld ends
  • Complete final inspection checklist per QAP 8.2.4
  • If major damage is identified during the evaluation process, customer will be contacted to discuss options.
  • Does not include welding services
  • Any additional parts needed for repair would be considered discovery and quoted to the customer

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