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Infrared Analysis Services
A non-contact technology that identifies and quantifies thermal problems ranging from mechanical, to electrical, to process-related and to structural!
In most cases, when a piece of equipment or a component malfunctions, a change in temperature occurs. Using the same principle as a toaster, if an electrical component does not make proper contact, it creates resistance. This resistance presents itself in the form of a temperature increase, thereby generating a thermal profile.
When it comes to mechanical equipment, the nature of a defect will generate a change in temperature either through friction (lubrication), misalignment (of pulleys and/or belts), impact, or mechanical wear. It is difficult to observe and identify these changes with the naked eye.
Our Solution
With our state-of-the-art infrared thermography camera and experienced and certified technicians, we are able to offer our clients the expertise they need to perform inspections, analyses and diagnoses on their critical production equipment. This increases the effectiveness of repairs and reduces the risk of malfunctions without warning that can directly impact profitability.

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