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RTU Service & Support
We are your trusted partner for all RTU service and repair needs, guaranteed.

We are your trusted partner for all RTU service and repair needs, guaranteed.

With 24/7 support from our team of knowledgeable and experienced repair technicians, we can help you to mitigate risks that threaten to slow or shutdown your production. Our goal in serving each of our customers is to assist with:
  • Avoiding non-compliance issues
  • Reducing the risk of lost profits
  • Boosting operational efficiency
  • Increasing safety all around, for your personnel and productivity
Proper installation and setup for new a RTU is both critical for achieving accuracy and required for optimized production. Issues with installation can result in startup delays and, in worst cases, complete system shutdown at your plant. For integrations into your SCADA network, whether you have radio or hardwired connections, we have a full understanding of your needs and a time-tested process in place to guarantee a successful start. You can count on us for assistance during these crucial first steps, knowing your I/O points are in the right slots with proper scaling to give you the most accurate readings and data.
After proper installation and setup, service to your transmitters after the first year are of great importance. We can assist with his process as well. We make certain that the equipment our technicians use for calibrations is in compliance with NIST standards so you don’t have to. Our calibration reports are thorough and detailed, so you can be confident you have a record of your units being put back to factory standards and ready to go back into service at your site or plant.

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