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Hydrogen is a viable option for meeting increasing energy requirements while lowering the world’s CO2 imprint. It can be used to decarbonize sectors that are challenging to significantly lessen emissions, and current technology is capable of producing, storing, transporting, and utilizing hydrogen in multiple forms.

Caltrol has advanced solutions to the difficulties confronted along the whole hydrogen value chain. Additionally, we are constantly innovating and investigating new methods of utilizing process control and automation technologies in this rising sector.

Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen Production

The production of hydrogen is achieved through various industrial processes such as Steam-Methane Reforming (SMR), Autothermal Reforming (ATR), Gasification, Pyrolysis or Electrolysis of water. Automation is vital for ensuring safe, reliable and cost-effective production of this clean and most efficient fuel, which is not found in large quantities on earth in its elemental form.
Hydrogen Transportation and Storage

Hydrogen Transportation and Storage

The more imminent utilization of Hydrogen is blending it into existing natural gas pipelines in order to access the decarbonization prospects of the industry. To ensure accurate, dependable blending and secure handling and storage of Hydrogen, current measurement and automation technologies must be coupled with modern digital connectivity. Long-term strategies involve obtaining and using pure Hydrogen, and this includes storing it in underground salt-caverns or depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs and pressurized vessels that are above ground.
Emerson, Caltrol & SoCal Gas Blended Hydrogen Project

Emerson, Caltrol & SoCal Gas Blended Hydrogen Project

Hydrogen use is growing rapidly worldwide to provide a clean source of energy in a variety of industrial applications, but until now the residential market has had limited use. This situation is changing as utility companies worldwide are exploring delivery solutions to enable their customers to use hydrogen for emission reduction. For example, Southern California Gas (SoCalGas), a regulated subsidiary of Sempra Energy, is working with Emerson to deploy digital technologies, software, and services to demonstrate the resiliency and reliability of a hydrogen microgrid for southern California utility consumers.

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Key Challenges in Hydrogen

  • Meeting fugitive emission requirements and minimizing leakage for Hydrogen installations. Proper selection of equipment, sealing and packing to avoid leakage, and gold plating to avoid embrittlement is critical.
  • New and emerging uses of Hydrogen require packaged solutions for applications such as blending into natural gas. A proven blending solution from Caltrol reduces your project risk while quickly enabling a reduction in the carbon intensity of your processes.
  • Meeting and maintaining targeted blend rates for Hydrogen into Natural Gas systems can be challenging. Precise measurement and accurate control is essential in Hydrogen blending systems.
  • Ensuring measurement and control equipment is certified for Hydrogen environments. Caltrol offers an extensive range of measurement, control, and electrical equipment suitable for installation in Class 1 Group B environments.
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Caltrol has a portfolio of hydrogen-ready process control and instrumentation products as well as industry applications to support your next Hydrogen project.  Our products are designed to be compatible with Hydrogen’s unique material considerations and we have customized solutions that can support your Hydrogen blending and injection needs.