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Reliability Consulting
What makes us different
Improved reliability is the result of proven accelerators that were developed in an artisanal, Engineering niche, and then optimized with enterprise implementation practices. Booster Packs™ Accelerators are the result of decades of reliability engineering and maintenance practice improvement projects. Our tools assist in building the foundation you need to help you achieve EAM best practices. Delivered independently or through catapult™ Software platform, the means to organize data from all sources into one meaningful and useable program, our accelerators and
Solutions include: failure hierarchies, failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) library, preventative Maintenance (PM) and items libraries.

Our experts have pioneered industry best Practices, developed industry leading Standards, and Emerson is the only Company of its kind that brings scalability To engineering-based asset management. Our enterprise and plant approach Reduces maintenance costs, improves The commercial availability of assets and Mitigates data risk during implementation.
What we do
Reliability consulting’s distinctive competence lies at the intersections of two skill sets: reliability engineering and data integrity. While the depth of our mastery in each skill set allows us to serve our clients using them independently, the combination of expertise in both areas enables us to advise from a truly unique perspective and to implement on a truly enterprise scale.

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