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Fike Rupture Discs Fike Rupture Discs

Safeguard Your PRVs, Product, and Business with Fike Precision Engineered Rupture Discs from Caltrol

If a pressure-related event occurs in your production facility, what’s the cost of an hour of downtime? A day? A week? Gain ultimate protection from pressure-related downtime, damaged equipment and, most importantly, injuries with Fike’s premium rupture discs.

Pressure or safety relief valves protect many processes…and ultimately your product and your business. While essential, PRVs can be costly to maintain and expensive to replace. You can safeguard your high-cost PRVs and greatly extend their service life with affordable rupture discs from Fike. PRVs can also be a major source of process media emissions. By installing Fike rupture/bursting discs upstream of your PRV, you can not only protect the valve, but greatly decrease emissions.

How They Work

How They Work

Fike Rupture Discs are designed to provide a leak-tight seal within a pipe or vessel until the internal pressure rises to a predetermined level. At that point, the disc bursts—within one or two milliseconds of an overpressure event—preventing damage to the equipment. Furthermore, Fike’s world-class manufacturing process offers superior performance, validation testing, and ongoing innovation.

Fike Burst Indicators are used to provide instantaneous notification of a rupture disc activation. They can activate alarms, bells, remote annunciators, or interface with process control systems, so that appropriate safety measures can be taken.

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Common Causes for Overpressure:
  • Blocked discharge
  • Thermal expansion
  • Chemical runaway reaction
  • External fire or loss of coolant
  • Loss of purge gas
Lack of Safeguarding Can Cause:
  • Mechanical damage
  • Loss of product
  • Environmental damage
  • Personnel injuries
  • Production downtime
Fike G2 Technology: Axius and Atlas Discs
  • Can operate up to 95% of set pressure for pressures above 40 psig
  • Standard manufacturing range of zero, which means the disc will come stamped at the requested burst pressure
  • Long cycle life from full vacuum to 95% operating ratio
Fike Certified Combination Capacity Factors
  • Rupture discs installed at the inlet to PSVs can have combination capacity factors better than 0.9 if they have been tested together
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We Have the Valves You Need, When You Need Them
Caltrol has an extensive inventory of control, isolation, and pressure relief/safety valves—all the brands you need. We stock most valves and related devices at one of our three regional warehouses and have access to many more through our Emerson partnership. We have the applications experience and customization capabilities to find the optimum solution for your valve automation needs. In addition, we offer quick delivery and a range of services to keep your plant operating safely and efficiently.
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