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Keep Your Lab on Track

Keep Your Lab on Track

Establishing good  record keeping and control for your laboratory is important for your future success. Using technologies like equipment logbooks, materials tracking and document management will establish the structured control called for in  good laboratory practice (GLP) requirements.
Equipment Logbook
Tracking equipment usage, status, and maintenance helps to ensure efficient, predictable lab performance. This is an important part of modern, paperless operation in line with digital transformation and Pharma 4.0 initiatives.
Material Management
Tracking the usage of raw materials as well as the in-process flow of materials allows the early clinical lab to operate efficiently and establish the foundation of paperless processing and tracking needed as clinical production becomes necessary. These capabilities can help Cell & Gene Therapy companies with the critical need of tracking and maintaining Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody in their production processes.
Document Management
Cell & Gene Therapy Companies benefit from electronic document management systems that help to reduce paper and make information more accessible and reliable.
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