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DeltaV™ Virtual Studio
PDP_DeltaV Virtual Studio
DeltaV™ Virtual Studio supports a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), and is an automation-centered, fit-for-purpose HCI solution.
Automated setup and configuration tools are built within DeltaV Virtual Studio to enhance user experience and improve performance. And, with hardware and software independence comes significant cost- and time-savings. Virtual Studio’s software-defined, unified architecture supports high-availability and automatic disaster recovery. Realize reduced complexity and costs, improve availability and performance.


  • DeltaV Virtualization made easy with automated configuration and setup, and fully tested and supported hardware with Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)
  • Easy, scalable, cost-effective with optimized performance, fewer computers and control hardware
  • Configurations for both off-line and on-line control systems
  • Easy HCI cluster setup installation; ready to plug and play
  • Extended system life with easy upgrades
  • Software-defined storage networks for high availability and automatic disaster recovery
  • Supports single, dual and quad monitors