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FB2100 Single-Run Field Mount Flow Computer for Natural Gas
The FB2100 is a cost-effective low-power field mount flow computer that measures and monitors gas flow for a differential pressure or linear meter run.
Designed for simple configuration and ease of use, the cost effective FB2100 flow computer focuses on metering applications where control is not required. The FB2100 provides a full audit trail, including enhanced history, alarm and event logs. The I/O options can be as simple as a single discrete output (DO) for driving an odorizer or can be expanded to give two user configurable analog (AI or AO) channels and two user configurable discrete (DI, DO or PI) channels.


  • Increased measurement confidence and reduced measurement uncertainty
  • Measurement and I/O capability focused on metering applications
  • Industry leading differential and static pressure measurement including 5-year stability
  • High accuracy temperature measurement including curve matching via the Callendar-Van Dusen equation
  • Reduced need to re-calibrate resulting in less time spent on site
  • Simplified configuration and set-up with the new FBxConnect™ Tool
  • Standard firmware supports global calculations for orifice, cone, Venturi, nozzle, conditioning orifice, turbine, PD, Auto-Adjust, and Coriolis
  • Global Hazardous Area Approvals - Class 1 Div2, ATEX & IEC Ex n
  • Mobile SCADA allows secure local wireless access from safe area
  • Ease of integration with support for Modbus, ROC, BSAP and DNP3 protocols
  • Enhanced security helps prevent unauthorized access
  • API 21.1 compliant