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FloBoss™ S600+ Flow Computer
A panel-mount flow computer ideal for fiscal measurement, custody transfer, batch loading, and meter proving applications.
The FloBoss™ S600+ allows multi-stream, multi-station applications to be configured for simultaneous metering of both liquids and gases. The S600+ supports most measurement standards including AGA, ISO, GPA, GERG, and GOST for gas applications and API and ASTM for liquid applications.


  • All metering calculations are performed using 64-bit (double) precision floating point numbers for the highest accuracy and latest API compliance
  • Cumulative totals are stored in three separate memory locations (Tri-reg format) for maximum integrity
  • Reduce metering uncertainty, improve confidence
  • Flexible communications options including Ethernet & Serial & HART
  • HART transmitter compatibility - 12 channels, up to 50 Transmitters, including Dual HART master
  • Analog, HART, Serial or Ethernet – full compatibility, ease of integration, faster start-ups and lower start-up costs
  • Intelligent interface to most flow meters including Coriolis & Ultrasonic
  • Mid-approval for both liquid and gas applications delivering reduced risk, peace of mind, proof that it meets the highest fiscal requirements for both liquid & gas
  • Mix of liquid and gas streams in a single flow computer – 10 streams for flow meters and 6 streams for dual flow pulse meters
  • High accuracy analog input 24 Bit, accuracy ±0.005%of FS at 23oC
  • Wide ambient temperature range -10C to +60C