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Coriolis Interface Module for FloBoss 107 and ROC800-Series
Micro Motion Coriolis Interface module for the FloBoss 107 Flow Manager and the ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controller provides all functions necessary to communicate with the core processor of a Micro Motion Coriolis meter. The module includes an onboard RS-485 communications port, enabling communications between the module and the Coriolis meter without using one of the communication ports of the FB107 flow manager or the ROC800-Series controller.


  • Improve communication between the module and the meter without using one of the FB107 or ROC800 communicaiton ports
  • Allow the module to interface between the meter, transmitters and FB107 or ROC800 to retrieve, validate and process data
  • Receive extensive real-time analysis of flow data for custody transfer
  • Streamline implementation by installing the APP 485 application module