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Altronic's AFR-500 Advanced Air-Fuel Control System is a scalable, reliable and cost-effective solution for stationary gas engines. It can be used on carbureted engines in single or dual regulator configurations, and is designed to be easily installed in new or existing installations. The AFR-500 module operates using a UEGO exhaust sensor and offers precise control of Altronic EPC-series stepper motor-based control valves, the AGV-5 fuel control actuator, and other third-party 4-20mA-compatible devices. The system is compatible with Ethernet and ModBus TCP, and can be accessed and configured via a web browser or PC. The AFR-500 is suitable for use in hazardous areas.


State-of-the-art, stand-alone air/fuel ratio control system for carbureted, gaseous-fueled engines (single and dual regulator/bank)
Fully scalable, flexible solution suitable for either stand-alone service or networked into existing engine/package control systems, including the Altronic DE-4000 system
Embedded configuration and monitoring is web browser-based and platform-independent
Advanced control setpoint mapping to support optimized emissions control strategies
Simple system installation and compatible with existing EPC-style control valves, AGV-5, and other industry-standard actuators
Standard 8″ and 15″ HDMI displays available, as well as, custom HMIs available for use with optional ACM-4000