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FW Murphy AFR1R

The AFR-1R is the simplest to use rich-burn engine, single set point air/fuel ratio control system available.

The system is designed to maximize the efficiency of a 3-way catalyst by maintaining the proper air/fuel ratio.

Maintaining the correct air/fuel ratio to enhance the performance of your catalytic converter shouldn’t be that hard, and it’s not if you choose the right equipment.

The FW Murphy AFR-1R features a single pre-catalyst set point target to optimize the catalysts performance. And when activating the optional post-catalyst set point target, the AFR-1R monitors the catalyst performance and adjusts the air/fuel ratio to maintain and prolong the catalyst performance.

The system includes the FW Murphy PV450 fullcolor graphical user interface for control functions, monitoring, programming and diagnostic displays. The eight-button display includes comprehensive built-in help files for added operator convenience.

The AFR-1R air/fuel ratio controller represents cutting-edge technology in many areas: hardware, microprocessor power, control system software, operator interface options, adaptability to variable engine conditions and control requirements, software upgrade capability, in addition to comprehensive onboard diagnostics system (OBD).

FW Murphy AFR-1R


Heated exhaust gas oxygen sensors for optimum AFR control

12 / 24 VDC Nominal

CD ignition input for engine speed reference with optional magnetic pickup input

Upgradeable to command multi-set point targets and accept additional end devices


  • Designed for low horsepower gas fueled, carbureted rich-burn industrial engines
  • Microprocessor-based controller with a single set point
  • Set point and operation done entirely through the full-color graphic display, enclosure or remote mounted
  • Post catalyst, oxygen sensor input for real-time adaptation to changing catalyst performance (post catalyst sensor is optional)