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Enardo™ Series 8 High Pressure Deflagration Arrestor
Enardo Series 8 High-Pressure Deflagration Arrestor is designed to protect against high velocity and pressure flame fronts inherent in applications beyond the performance range of a standard flame arrestor but not yet to the detonation phase of flame development.
The Series 8 surpasses standard flame arrestors for applications that include extended lengths of pipe with one bend, elevated operating pressures, and extended flame stabilization on the flame cell element.
Enardo™ Series 8 High Pressure Deflagration Arrestor


1 through 36
Housing Materials
Carbon Steel
Cell Materials
304 SS
Gas Groups
Drain Plugs, Temperature Probe Taps, Pressure Taps, Misc Fittings, Protective Coatings, Special Features


  • Designed for High Pressure Deflagration
  • Maximum Flow
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Bi-Directional
  • Less Maintenance
  • Easily Removable Flame Cell
  • Available with ANSI, DIN and JIS Flanges