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Spartan’s complete solution for hydrogen injection and measurement in natural gas distribution.

Whether you're blending Hydrogen into a natural gas pipeline or for use in homes, Spartan's turnkey hydrogen blending solution gives suppliers the confidence to accurately blend hydrogen into their existing natural gas pipeline network with minimal effort or expense.
As the world looks to decarbonize its energy sources, hydrogen has emerged as a promising new energy source to help us reduce emissions. Emissions associated with burning of fossil fuels can be reduced by injecting Hydrogen directly into a natural gas distribution system, displacing existing fossil fuel consumption
When implemented at relatively low concentrations (less 20% hydrogen by volume), Gas Distribution companies can transition to blended gas without significantly increasing risks associated with utilization of the gas blend in end-use devices (such as household appliances), overall public safety, or the durability and integrity of the existing natural gas pipeline network.
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  • Continuously modulating injection system
  • Downstream measurement of hydrogen concentration to control and confirm blending ratio
  • Control panel for closed loop control of the injection based on confirmation from the analyzer
  • Simple to install injection point
  • Precise injection measurement using a Coriolis meter
  • Smart Meter Verification technology within the Coriolis meter allows for advanced flow meter diagnostics and reliability of flow measurements
  • Flow computer/controller with injection data history (e.g. injected amount from previous hour/day/month) and alarm history
  • Options include remote communications/alarming, DCS integration, analyzer composition feedback
  • Automatic alarm and shutdown if analyzed sample is out of tolerance
  • Packaged in its own enclosure with HazLoc-rated heat, fan and lighting