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Roxar™ CorrLog
Roxar CorrLog
The Roxar CorrLog transmitter generates highly accurate in-line corrosion probes readings.
Roxar CorrLog offers off-line or wired on-line real time corrosion data. When combined with other Emerson products, it provides highly efficient data management capabilities for an integrated, integrity and process monitoring solution. The result for the operator is efficient corrosion control, pipeline integrity and extended asset life.
Roxar™ CorrLog


Reads ER and LPR Probes
24-bit instrument resolution
Off–line — data to field terminal
On–line 4–20 mA (analog)
On–line digital fieldbus (Roxar protocol)
Temperature range
CorrLog fieldbus/4–20 mA: –40 °C – +70 °C (40°F — 158°F)
CorrLog Terminal: –40 °C – +60 °C (40°F — 140°F)
Storage capacity
1500 readings – applicable for terminal version only


  • Best in class resolution and measurement sensitivity
  • Combines ER, LPR and galvanic probe functions in one instrument
  • Can read probes from most known vendors
  • Robust design, proven field performance
  • Configuration flexibility, upgrade options
  • Through field design and monitoring performance, contributes to improved safety, field integrity and extended equipment life