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Rosemount™ 404 Low Flow Conductivity Sensors
rosemount 404 conductivity sensor
The Rosemount 404 sensor is intended to measure conductivity in clean water.
The sensor and flow cell are combined into a single package. A small holdup volume of the flow cell allows for rapid response to sudden changes in conductivity and temperature. 404 sensors are available with a PVC or stainless steel body.
Rosemount™ 404 Low Flow Conductivity Sensors


Ambient Temperature
Operating Temperature (PVCVersion): 32–140 °F (0–60 °C) • Operating Temperature (Stainless Steel Version): 32–212 °F (0–100 °C)
Cable length: 10 ft (3.1 m) standard; 50 ft (15.2 m) optional


  • Sensor and flow cell combined in a single body
  • Fast response to changes in conductivity and temperature
  • No initial calibration requirements. A factory-measured cell constant ensures out-of-the-box accuracy
  • Selectable cell constants of 0.01, 0.10/cm