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Rosemount™ 9295 Process Flow Meter
The Rosemount 9295 Process Flow Meter offers exceptional performance in a complete integrated package. Engineered for ease-of-use, the 9295 incorporates proven Conditioning Orifice Technology to eliminate straight run requirements while the roddable impulse lines allow blockages to be removed without process shutdown. In addition, optional temperature measurement reduces installation cost and allows for fully compensated flow measurement.

Rosemountâ„¢ 9295 Process Flow Meter: A Fully Integrated DP Flow Solution

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Rosemount™ 9295 Process Flow Meter


Line Size
2 to 6 in (50 to 150 mm)
Discharge Coefficient Uncertainty
Calibrated: ±0.3 to 0.5%; Standard: ±0.75 to 1.5%
Flow Turndown
10:1 or better
Max. Operating Pressure
ASME/ANSI B16.5 900#
Process Temperature Range
-20 to 850 °F (-29 to 454°C )
Process Media
Liquid, Gas, Steam
Process Wetted Material
316 SST, Carbon Steel
5-year limited warranty


  • Conditioning Orifice Technology eliminates the need for straight pipe run which allows installation at grade level or in difficult piping configurations
  • Complete solution arrives assembled, configured and leak-checked, reducing on-site installation time and cost
  • Roddable design allows removal of impulse line plugging without the need for process shutdown
  • All-welded design eliminates potential leak points
  • Integral temperature sensor allows for a fully compensated flow measurement without the need for additional pipe penetrations or wake frequency calculations
  • Single piece machined body design without welds in the flow stream eliminates concerns with primary element breakage
  • Simplify SIS compliance with available redundant transmitter options
  • The simplicity and reliability of a DP Flow measurement without the hassle associated with a traditional installation