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Roxar Downhole Wireless Systems
Roxar Downhole Wireless Systems continuously monitor annulus B temperature and pressure for the subsea well's lifetime.
Comprised of a wireless reader and a wireless PT Transponder, the advanced system improves production and offshore safety, providing early high–pressures warnings, protecting casing integrity and preventing pressure build–up.
Roxar Downhole Wireless Systems


Pressure range
14.5 - 20,000 psi (1 - 1,400 bar)
Temperature Range
-5 - 205°C (23 - 400°F)
Pressure accuracy
±0.345 bar (5 psi)
Temperature accuracy
±0.5°C (0.9°F)
Measurement type
Quartz crystal
Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) technology
Maximum sampling rate
1 per second
Material of wetted parts
Inconel 718
Casing sizes
12-1/4″ and 10-3/4″
Tubing sizes
7″ and 5-1/2″


  • Real-time temperature and pressure tracking with continuous monitoring and sampling rates as quickly as every second
  • Employ a fully integrated downhole solution that connects to the standard Roxar Integrated Downhole Network (IDN)
  • Can be combined with other instruments (e.g. HS Gauge, Intelligent Multistage Completion Network) on one Roxar IDN
  • Rely on a high-integrity design with no case penetrations
  • Simplify configuration with the electronic wireless transmission of power and data, requiring no cables
  • Minimize downtime with power from the Roxar IDN - no batteries required
  • Full bore, no penetrations