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Anti-JAR Handling Clamp
The Anti-JAR Handling Clamp ensures that the necks are open when running jars (downhole mechanical devices used to deliver an impact load to anther downhole component) into the well. Keeping the jar rod in the open position ensures that the jars don’t fire prematurely at the surface, leading to injuries and the potential dropping of the bottom hole assembly if pins are sheared. The result is safer operations.
Anti-JAR Handling Clamp


Drilling, DST JARS, Coil Tubing, Wireline (Slick Line and Braided Line)


  • Lightweight and easier to handle than metal.
  • Hinged design makes it simple and fast to fit.
  • Toggle/swing bolt ensures fast latching operation.
  • High impact wear resistant Polymer materials that are less abrasive on other equipment.
  • Variants of standard designs or special applications can be delivered within short delivery times.