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Paine™ 420-52-0010 Series Pressure Transmitter
Paine 420-52-0010 Series Pressure Transmitter
The Paine 420‐52‐0010 Series Pressure Transmitter is a single crystal integrated capacitance sensor that provides high stability and reliability in downhole and subsea environments.
Designed to stabilize rapidly to thermal effects while exhibiting excellent long‐term drift behavior, the thermal transient error of the Paine 420‐52‐0010 is less than that of the quartz‐based sensors, allowing for larger continuously changing thermal gradients with fewer errors.
Paine™ 420-52-0010 Series Pressure Transmitter


0.02% F.S. maximum per year
Measurement Range
Up to 20,000 PSIA (1379 BAR)
Operating Temperature
14°F to 347°F (‐10°C to 175°C)
Raw Period Modulated Oscillator
Calibration certificates are supplied with each unit


  • Custom hybrid electronics designed to reduce intermetallic formation failure modes for high reliability during extended time frames at extreme temperature.
  • Compensation for temperatures commonly experienced in exploration and production activities provides increased accuracy.
  • Self‐calibrating gain and offset techniques reduce added thermal error.
  • Slim 0.51" (1.29 cm) diameter form factor saves critical tool space.
  • Low thermal transient error increases duration between zeroing.
  • Customizable interface options available for fit‐foruse designs.