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Paine™ 215-01-080 Series, Surface, Temperature Sensor
The Paine 215-01-080 Series, Surface, Temperature Sensor is a platinum, resistance temperature detector (RTD) probe designed for high temperatures up to 482 °F (250 °C).
Engineered as a compact and corrosion-resistant sensor, this RTD probe features long-term performance with reliability, stability and repeatability. These sensors provide accuracy and rapid response times and are well-suited for critical surface temperature measurements of machinery and process equipment.
Paine™ 215-01-080 Series, Surface, Temperature Sensor


Temperature Range
-4 to 482 °F (-20 to 250 °C)
1 year
Materials of Construction
Hex Header: Inconel X750. Case: Inconel 718, UNSN07718, solution annealed and aged to Rockwell C40 maximum
Pressure Port/Fitting
1 /4 -20 UNC-2A


  • Sensor withstands corrosion and oxidation in harsh and extreme environments for durability
  • Fast response times produce precise measurement data for improved efficiency
  • Offered in 0.515-in. maximum diameter package for a very small form factor
  • Long-term stability and accuracy provides reliable and consistent measurement performance
  • Customizable sensor options available for fit-for-use designs