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A comprehensive software system for planning and managing complex transportation networks –for pipelines as well as other modes of bulk transport.
TransportPlanner collects and processes crucial transport requirements needed to execute effective annual, monthly, and daily strategic planning.


  • Determine Network Capacity - given a slate of committed movements, TransportPlanner can ascertain the amount of remaining capacity in the system within seconds
  • Quickly Validate Ability and Cost of a Nomination - new nominations can be posed to the system, which will verify if the volumes can be transported and will provide an estimated cost of that transport
  • Capitalize on Possible Fungible Swaps - for fungible products, TransportPlanner will identify potential swaps —satisfying a faraway source with a closer one, thereby reducing the time and cost of transport
  • Terminal Stock Management - instructed to plan movements from terminals with an excess to terminals in deficit. Terminal inventories can directly satisfy movement requests and support floating physical shipper positions in the network
  • Effectively use Alternate Sources - many systems have alternate sources of flow, where additional volumes can be purchased or sold when needed. Using optimization algorithms, the software determines when to tap into these sources.
  • Consolidate and Reconcile Multiple Operational Groups – TransportPlanner provides an comprehensive overview of the transport network, which may include multiple independently-scheduled and operated systems or pipelines.
  • Analyze Transport Alternatives - alternative modes of transport, such as rail or barge, can be posed to the system to determine the expansion of the network capability provided by the new transport pathway