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ASCO™ DIN Electrical Connectors
The ASCO Series DIN electrical connectors are spade connectors designed to fit standardized, three-pin molded coils.
They feature a glass fiber-reinforced polyamide housing and lid. The DIN connectors have IP65 protection against moisture entry and wash down when properly installed with gaskets. The standard connector with 18mm contacts comes with a removable lid allowing access to the wiring for easy checking of power supply without unplugging the connector and interrupting solenoid valve operation.
ASCO™ DIN Electrical Connectors


Standards / Regulations


  • LED Option: solid-state diode emits light to indicate power to the connector
  • VDR Option: Varistor absorbs the self-inductance of the coil. The VDR protects the coil or controller against supply over-voltage or peak
  • Maximum voltage is 240 Volts