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Numatics™ Series 182 FRL Accessories
FRL Accessories 180 182 ASCO
The Numatics’ filter, regulator, and lubricator (FRL) accessories include mechanical pressure switches, oil reclassifiers, regulator gauges, FRL brackets, electronic drain valves, inline filters and specialty oxygen concentrator regulators.
The Series PS182 is the most rugged Numatics pressure switch. It is easily incorporated into an air system using a 651 or 652 Series diverter block. Its simple electrical connection and knurled knob with tamper resistant hex screw make it the easiest pressure switch to install and adjust on the market.
Numatics™ Series 182 FRL Accessories


Pipe / Port Size
1/8 "; 1/4 "
Operating Environment
Indoor; Outdoor


  • Oil reclassifiers remove oil mist and reduce noise from exhaust ports on pneumatic air valves, cylinders, and air control systems at extremely high flow rates
  • Electronic drain valves remove condensation from filters, receiver tanks, separators, drip legs, drain traps, and dryers at electronically controlled intervals
  • Inline filters protect small air tools by preventing foreign particles from entering the tool - extending component life and reducing downtime
  • Oxygen concentrator regulators are designed for applications requiring low-cost precision control
  • Pressure gauges provide maximum service life for pneumatic gauge applications and are designed to prevent premature gauge failure