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Numatics™ Series NRG Parallel Grippers
ASCO Numatics Series NRG Parallel Grippers
The Numatics Series NRG is a line of parallel grippers that features synchronized or compliant motion with two opposing pistons that share a common bore.
The synchronizing mechanism is housed internally, protected from external contamination. The device is compact and lightweight with a high grip force-to-size ratio. It is ideal for winemaking, analytical and diagnostic equipment, automotive, commercial laundry equipment, and dust collector applications.
Numatics™ Series NRG Parallel Grippers


Operating Environment
Corrosive, Hazardous, Indoor, Outdoor, Washdown


  • Standard position sensor mounting track and magnetic pistons
  • Body is one-piece construction for maximum rigidity
  • Slides are 100% engaged in body throughout the entire stroke length
  • Available as double acting or single acting spring open/spring close