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ASCO™ Series 273 Pneumatic Pinch Valve
ASCO Series 273 Pinch Valve
The series 273 are 2-Way normally closed and normally open pressure-operated pinch valves designed for use with high-purity liquids in biotech applications.
Hermetic separation of control mechanism and the fluid within the tubing prevents contamination, assuring maximum purity of liquids. Available in a large range of body sizes to accommodate a wide variety of tubing sizes. Typical applications include single-use bioreactors, Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF), and Chromatography skids.

ASCO Series 273 Pneumatic Pinch Valve

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ASCO™ Series 273 Pneumatic Pinch Valve


Valve Type
2-Way Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC)
Material of construction
Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Tube Range (OD)
3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1"
Tube Material
Silicone, cflex374, 082 and Tygon
Tube Hardness
55 - 80 Shore A (Gamma Radiated)
Tube Media Pressure
Up to 90 PSI (up to 6 BAR), depending on size and tubing material
Air operating / Piloting pressure
70 PSI – 145 PSI (4.8 BAR – 10 BAR)
Ambient Temperature
32°F to 104°F (0°C to + 40°C)
T-Groove for switch contact
Feedback on valve position status (Ex. ASCO Series 494)
Inert Gases or Liquids


  • Innovative design
    • No contact with the process media
    • Easy insertion and removal of flexible tubing
  • Industry Leading Performance and Reliability
    • High tube pinching cycles, up to 20,000
    • Better retention and protection of tubing during pinching cycles
  • Operator Safety
    • Easy to use built-in protective safety guard
    • Manual override allows for tube insertion removal without valve actuation
  • Unmatched Product Support
    • Local sales support and product specialists help find solutions to customer specific applications
    • Technical service and online support