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CW-Series Quarter-turn Worm Gear Operator
Bettis CW-Series Quarter-turn Worm Gear Operator
Quarter-turn worm gear designed for chainwheel operation.
Robust and compact design that are widely used on valves for marine, oil and gas, chemical, power, and water and wastewater applications.
CW-Series Quarter-turn Worm Gear Operator


Power Source
Product Type
Quarter-turn Worm Manual Gear Operator
Quarter-turm worm manual gear operator
Enclosure sealed IP67 (IP68 available upon request)
Control Type
Valve Type
Ball, Butterfly, Plug, Dampers, Globe


  • 21 modelsavailable up to 100,000 Nm torque and F-48 mounting base
  • Epoxy primer coating, and greased for life
  • Namur mounting available for limit switch box fitting
  • New ratios can be designed to meet any requirement
  • Standard input flanges (for actuator mounting) for ISO5211, MSS and DIN available