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Fisher™ T208VR Series Vacuum Regulator
The T208VR Series direct-operated vacuum regulators are used where a decrease in vacuum must be limited, such as between a tank and vacuum source to control vacuum in tank.
Fisher™ T208VR Series Vacuum Regulator


Body Sizes
NPS 3/4 or 1 / DN 20 or 25
Maximum Operating Vacuum Pressure
11 psig / 0.76 bar vacuum
Maximum (Casing) Pressure
Cast Iron: 35 psig / 2.41 bar
Steel / Stainless Steel: 75 psig / 5.17 bar
Maximum Emergency Inlet (Casing) Pressure to Avoid Internal Parts Damage
35 psig / 2.41 bar
Temperature Capabilities
Nitrile (NBR)
Cast Iron / Steel Body: -20 to 180°F / -29 to 82°C
Stainless Steel Body: -40 to 180°F / -40 to 82°C

Flourocarbon (FKM): 40 to 300°F / 4 to 149°C
Spring Case Connection
1/4 NPT
Diaphragm Case Connection
1/2 NPT
Approximate Weight
19 pounds / 8.6 kg
Additional Technical Data
For additional technical information, contact your local Sales Office or refer to technical documentation.


  • Tamper-resistant adjustment
  • Precision control of low-pressure settings
  • Easy conversion
  • Common spare parts with other T208 Series products
  • Corrosion resistance