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Fisher™ Type R222 Series Second-Stage Regulators
R222 Series is an Underwriters Laboratories listed regulator designed for Two-Stage LP-Gas systems.
The unit is designed to reduce the outlet pressure from a first-stage regulator (usually 10 psig / 0.69 bar) to an outlet pressure of 11-inches w.c. / 27 mbar. The unit?s compact size makes it ideal for tight fit applications. A screened drip-lip vent is oriented over the inlet in the standard configuration. Fisher second-stage regulators are painted palm green for easy identification.
Fisher™ Type R222 Series Second-Stage Regulators


Body Sizes and End Connection Styles (inlet x outlet)
1/2 x 1/2-inch NPT
Maximum Inlet Pressures
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 10 psig / 0,69 bar
Emergency Inlet Pressure: 75 psi / 5.2 bar when used with Types R122H, R222H or R622H first stage regulator; 40 psi / 2.8 bar when used with any other first stage regulator.
Outlet Pressure Ranges
9.5 to 13 inches w.c. / 24 to 32 mbar spring range
650,000 BTU/hr
Vent Size
3/8 NPT screened
Pressure Registration
Temperature Capabilities
-20° to 160°F / -29° to 71°C
Approximate Weight
1.4 Pounds / 635 g


  • Improved Accuracy
  • Superior Relief Performance
  • Corrosion-Resistant Materials
  • Inlet Screen
  • Test Ports for Easy System Checks
  • Positive Drainage
  • 20-Year Recommended Replacement Life
  • UL Listed