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Yarway 151 Process Thermostatic Steam Trap
The Series 151 Dual Range Steam Trap is designed for use on both batch and continuous applications such as batch stills, autoclaves, reboilers, storage tanks, shell and tube heat exchangers and tank coils.
The Dual Range Steam Traps are capable of handling high startup and running loads, and provide maximum air venting capability.
Yarway 151 Process Thermostatic Steam Trap


Thermostatic (Filled Thermal Element)
NPS 3/4, 1 / DN 20, 25
Maximum Temperature
750F / 400C
Maximum Pressure
300 psi / 20.7 bar
Up to 11,023 lb/hr / 5000 kg/hr
NPT, SWE, 150RF, 300RF
Low carbon chrome moly


  • Simple construction
  • Easy to maintain as installed
  • Excellent air handling capability
  • Pressure assisted fail-open design
  • Hardened stainless steel valve and seat
  • Withstands superheat
  • Efficient air and noncondensible removal
  • Shuts tight on steam
  • Compact and lightweight