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Energy Management Information System
Energy use is a large operating expense with a major impact on bottom line economic performance.  Emissions are also a core focus of many corporations from the perspective of both environmental stewardship and, increasingly, tariffs. Despite these factors, many sites and enterprises struggle with day-to-day visibility of energy performance and are constantly trying to answer questions such as:
  • What is my current energy consumption?
  • Is my current energy consumption ok relative to current operating conditions?
  • Are there areas/units/equipment that are over-consuming energy, and if so, by how much?
SpartanPRO™ EMIS is a software platform that consolidates and analyzes energy data in real time in a user-friendly format for stakeholders ranging from operating crews to corporate executives. By capturing and contextualizing energy consumption data, SpartanPRO™ EMIS will provide insight into current energy performance, highlight abnormal events, and help track down high energy users in order to ensure that site is consistently operating at peak energy efficiency with minimal emissions.
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To better manage its energy consumption, a Pulp & Paper customer implemented our energy management information system (EMIS) at its pulp mill. This system tracks energy consumption against dynamic targets in real time at the departmental level, and makes this information available to all operations staff. It has been integrated into daily business practices with the goal of making departments aware of their individual energy performance. This provides them with a powerful tool to continuously improve their energy efficiency.