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SpartanPRO™ Industry Ready Solutions SpartanPRO™ Industry Ready Solutions
For the past 20 years, our partner, Spartan Controls, has focused on building expertise in the application of Advanced Process Control (APC) for the industries that matter to customers. Over this period, Spartan has developed a library of site-tested APC applications that focus on the applications with the highest overall impact on safety, production, recovery, efficiency, and environmental emissions.


These SpartanPRO™ industry-ready solutions have been pre-engineered for quick and efficient deployment in accordance with our key design principles: 
  • Focus on the foundation: implementation includes a thorough review of foundational instrumentation, regulatory controls, control system, and process
  • Process expertise: all solutions are designed and implemented by experienced industry control specialists that understand the process operational requirements and objectives
  • Sustainable by design: solutions are sustained by tracking performance benefits, effectively training & documenting, empowering site personnel, and providing both local and remote support
Up to 10% Reduced Cost of Operations
Up to 10% Increase in Throughput Capacity
Up to 5% Increase in Energy Efficiency
Up to 90% Reduction in Process Trips
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