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Oil Sands - Mining
SpartanPRO™ Industry Ready Solutions

Oil Sands - Mining

Our library of SpartanPRO Oil Sands Mining industry-ready solutions has been developed over the past 10 years while working with Surface Mining Oil Sands producers.

These site-tested solutions tackle the toughest and most economically-significant Oil Sands applications and can help bring operational performance in your plant to the next level.

Increase throughput capacity by up to 10% while stabilizing slurry density and reducing hot process water consumption (per ton of product) by up to 8%
Improve product recovery and stabilize downstream inventory through coordinated pumping between separation cells.
Gain accurate and reliable measurement of interface between froth and middlings in a separation cell based on live image analysis of the sight glass. The robust generated level signal can be used for control purposes, even through cell upset conditions.
Improve flotation cell recovery by up to 5% by stabilizing froth levels and pull rates based on current production and inlet quality.
Improve cyclone separation efficiency by up to 5% and provide downstream processes with improved feed stability while minimizing issues like roping and plugging.
Reduce product sent to tails, improve thickener water recovery, and increase throughput capacity by optimizing rise rate and/or underflow density while protecting critical equipment.
Improve solvent recovery rate and throughput capacity by optimizing heat and energy balance in the SRU and surrounding equipment.
Improve overall plant stability by using available inventory to prevent upstream processes from upsets that impact downstream units. These relatively minor improvements have a major proven impact on overall product recovery, process availability, and plant staiblity. 
Reduce diluent costs and increase pipeline transfer capacity by up to 10% with precise dual-viscosity measurement and control with our industry-customized, fully equipped blending skid.
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