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Rosemount™ 8800 MultiVariable Flow Meters
The Rosemount 8800 MultiVariable Vortex Flow Meter combines temperature and flow devices into a single, highly accurate instrument, eliminating the costly installation of two or more separate devices.
The integrated, removable temperature sensor provides an accurate process temperature measurement and is isolated from the process and separate from the Vortex flow sensor. With the input from an external HART® pressure transmitter, it also provides temperature and pressure compensation, enabling compensated mass flow and corrected volume in steam and liquid applications.

Rosemount 8800 MultiVariable and Quad Vortex Flow Meters: A superior solution for compensated steam and redundant flow measurement

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Rosemount™ 8800 MultiVariable Flow Meters


Flow Meter Accuracy
± 0.70% of mass flow rate in water using 8800 MultiVariable (MTA option)
± 2% of mass flow in steam using 8800 MultiVariable (MTA option)
± 1.3% of rate at 30 psia through 2,000 psia in steam using 8800 MultiVariable (MPA option)
± 1.2% of rate at 150 psia in steam using 8800 MultiVariable (MCA option)
± 1.3% of rate at 300 psia in steam using 8800 MultiVariable (MCA option)
± 1.6% of rate at 800 psia in steam using 8800 MultiVariable (MCA option)
± 2.5% of rate at 2,000 psia in steam using 8800 MultiVariable (MCA option)
± 0.65% of volumetric rate for liquids (uncompensated)
± 1% of volumetric rate for gas and steam (uncompensated)
4-20 mA with HART 5 or 7 (MTA/MPA/MCA option)
4-20 mA with HART 5 or 7 and scalable pulse output (MTA/MPA/MCA option)
FOUNDATION fieldbus ITK6 with 2 Analog Input blocks, 1 Backup Link Active Scheduler function block, 1 Integrator function block, and 1 PID function block(MTA option)
Modbus RS-485 with device status and 4 variables (MTA option)
Wetted Materials
Stainless Steel; 316 / 316L and CF3M
Nickel Alloy; C-22 and CW2M
High Temp Carbon Steel; A105 and WCB
Low Temp Carbon Steel; LF2 and LCC
Duplex; UNS S32760 and 6A
Consult factory for other wetted material
Flange Options
ANSI Class 150 to 1500
DIN PN 10 to PN 160
JIS 10K to 40K
Flanges are available in a variety of facings
Consult factory for additional flange ratings
Process Temperature Limits
-330°F to 800°F (-200°C to 427°C)
Temperature Sensor Accuracy
± 2.2°F (1.2°C)
Temperature Sensor Range
-40 to 800°F (-40 to 427°C)


  • Temperature and pressure compensation capability provides steam and liquid mass flow measurement eliminating the need for a flow computer
  • The integrated temperature sensor provides accurate temperature measurement without the need of an external thermowell or separate temperature sensor
  • Superheat Diagnostics help detect superheat steam degradation
  • Compensate any liquid flow using up to five user-definable temperature and density pairs
  • Flow and temperature variables can be assigned to the 4-20 mA digital or pulse output, providing advanced monitoring opportunities
  • The unique, gasket-free meter body design eliminates potential leak points, increasing plant availability and decreasing maintenance costs
  • The CriticalProcess valve (CPA option) provides an extra level of safety assurance by allowing users to verify secondary containment integrity
  • A mass-balanced sensor and Adaptive Digital Signal Processing with visual filtering help achieve vibration immunity