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SlipStream® is a proprietary, patented technology that utilizes vented hydrocarbons that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere, as a supplementary fuel source for natural gas engines.

SlipStream® technology monitors and controls the addition of these vented hydrocarbons to ensure safe and reliable engine operation.

As an addition to the REMVue® product family, SlipStream® technology can be easily integrated into new or existing installations and used on engines from 100 to 4,000 horsepower. 

ConocoPhillips Canada Utilizes Slipstream Technology to Reduce Emissions

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Maximum flow rate of 5 kg/hour
Maximum of 10% of total engine fuel flow can be supplemented by the SlipStream® system
Maximum of 50% of total engine fuel flow can be supplemented by the SlipStream® system


  • No pressurization or recompression of vented gas required.
  • Main burner used for normal GPU operation as well as vapor destruction.
  • Certified valve train (meets NFPA 8502 & CSA B149.3) passes vent gas turns to the burner when vent pressure is detected.
  • Vented gases are burned in the main or after burner via special low pressure orifice nozzle.
  • High VOC, BTEX, and methane destruction factor, >99% destruction efficiency.
  • Recovered vapor gas from storage vessels used to displace main burner fuel in GPU.
  • On demand auto ignition ensures reliable, safe operation.
  • Meets Class I Div. 2 Hazardous area regulations.