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Rosemount™ 389VP General Purpose pH/ORP Sensor
rosemount 398 and 398vp sensor
The Rosemount 389VP sensors are housed in a molded Tefzel® body with Viton® o-rings, making each sensor virtually indestructible and chemically resistant.
Complete encapsulation eliminates leakage or high humidity problems traditionally found in other pH/ORP designs. The simplified construction, designed with user convenience in mind does not require electrolyte (KCl) replenishment or any high maintenance troubleshooting procedures.


  • A triple junction reference prolongs sensor life and protects against poisoning ions such as ammonia, chlorine, cyanides, and sulfides
  • Enhanced performance and increased life with cracking resistant glass
  • Available with a glass electrode option for high pH applications
  • Superior chemical resistance provided by a rugged Tefzel body with Viton O-rings
  • The molded sensor body features 1” MNPT front and rear facing process connections for insertion, submersion, and flow-through applications
  • Variopol (VP6) cable connection option, for quick cable-to-sensor release, eliminates cable twisting
  • SMART enabled for pH measurements